Our Company

Dreiha (meaning 3H) in German, involves itself in two core businesses, namely trading and business consulting services. Dreiha was incorporated in 2005 and has two principal consultants. To date it has more than 5 consultants and collaborates with individuals as well as consultancy companies in Europe.

Dreiha specialises itself in being the gateway for companies who wants to set their foot in Europe, be it in selling of products or in rendering quality services to the European markets. In rendering its services to companies, Dreiha not only advices companies on the marketing and sales aspects of the product/industry, but also gives a total service in terms of advising on market and industry regulations pertaining to the product/industry, identifying trend setting changes in the industry and adding product/service values by ascertaining present and future market demands.

Dreiha is proud to be a partner and prime mover in the expansion of the markets of its customers. With the market being very competitive and consumers being well-informed, only those that know the ground vibrations of the market can be sensitive to market needs and changes.

Dreiha excels itself in being in the European market and working for the European market, thereby giving professional and sound advices to its customers.

Dreiha is definitely YOUR gateway to the European markets.