Your very own office in Germany

Doing business in Europe, especially in Germany need not be expensive. In order to be effective in your marketing or trading, you may need to consider having some form of business presence at the heart of European Economy, here in Germany. A Representative Office (Rep Office) is perhaps one of the most inexpensive ways to set up your overseas business. It is a way to tell your prospective customers that you are serious in doing business in Europe!

4 main reasons why you should open a Representative Office as your first step before entering a foreign market:
1. A Rep Office is not a branch office or a sales office and therefore it is income tax free.
2. A Rep Office is more appropriate to firstly understand and test the local market  in order to decide whether to pursue long-term direct investment. 

3.  A manufacturing company may not need a trading or manufacturing representation in the targeted country. Therefore a marketing and liaison office may be sufficient. 

4. A Rep Office saves money since the cost of running it is very low.

What more? If you are participating in exhibitions and requires an office to further your company’s marketing or exporting activities, or if you need to display samples of your products for your customers to have a first-hand look t the products, this office can really establish your presence in the market.

And there are many government grants to help you set up the office. Check with your local government or trade boards!

How do we support your company's representative office?

• We establish your company’s very own representative office in Germany
• We act as a liaison office between your company and other companies
• We conduct market researches and help your export managers to create a successful export strategy
• We establish contacts with prospective customers
• We provide data and promotion materials to potential clients and partners
• We organize business missions for your company's representatives and partners

Click here to request for a quote (Starting from 15 € per m²/per month)