Dreiha can help your company succeed globally, especially in Europe and lower your costs of doing business through four key services:

1. Preparing your company for the European Markets

We have a good network of contacts in Europe and will help you pursue global business opportunities. But first, let us have a first-hand understanding of your business by meeting with you in person or visiting your facilities. When a foreign buyer request for supplier of products or services or when a global opportunity arises, then we will be able to refer your company to these potential customers.

2. Assessing European's market potential

We will work with you to assess your potential in a target market.

We can provide:

a. Market intelligence - we have up-to-date market information. We can inform you about barriers and regulations associated with entering a specific region and share knowledge about upcoming opportunities. We are able to provide you with an inside look at what's going on in your area of business.

b. Advice on improving your market strategy - whether you’re looking to export, invest abroad or seek technology and R&D partnerships, we can help you make the most of your market strategy. For additional market research, we can also refer you to qualified local firms.

3. Finding qualified contacts/business partners 

It takes time, sometime weeks, even months, to get the right contact. That time could be spent on other business areas. We have contacts who are familiar with your target market or technology and can provide the local knowledge you need.

Our contacts include:

1) Potential buyers and partners
2) Professionals in financial and legal institutions
3) Technology sources
4)  Agents
5) Manufacturers' representatives
6) Foreign regulatory authorities
7) Foreign investment promotion agencies

4. Resolving business and communication problems

Business problems are bound to arise. It could be a common problem that many businesses have faced abroad or an issue exclusive to your company that requires a unique solution. Whatever it is, we are here to help. 

We can advise you on market access problems and other business challenges including:

1. Customs clearance and shipping
2. Unfair business treatment
3. Contract bidding
4. Storage and warehousing
5. Insurance coverage and claims
6. Overdue accounts receivable 

Whether you're looking to export, invest abroad or seek technology and R&D partnership, our consultants are available when you need them.

As advances in communications and other technologies continue to make global trade more accessible than ever before, time is a crucial factor for international success. You have the potential to bring innovations to market your products or services before your competitors do. We can help you achieve your trade objectives. 

We  already have established the contacts, know the markets and has years of experience. Work with us and realize your company's full international market potential. 

We understand the sensitivity of your business information and hold all information in the strictest confidence. We take pride in our excellence of service and will contact you within ONE working day of receiving your inquiry. 

Please contact by phone at +49-7072-1260 537 or email us your request!